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What You Will Receive (Please Open It Is Important)

What you will receive:

- A fully created and functional personal eBay stealth account created by me for selling and buying.

- Access to the dedicated IP which is prepaid by me for the first month. It will already be setup for you. You will have to pay the $20 / month after the first month is up.

- You will receive the incogniton login which will have the stealth account on, and the dedicated IP already on there.

- Access to the phone number I buy which is linked to your stealth account.

- An in depth guide sent by me on what to do after purchase, including how to not be suspended.

Upon order confirmation you will be able to input the details for the eBay Stealth Account

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0% Chance Of Suspension

Aslong as you follow the guide I send then it is impossible for you to be suspended

Complete After-Sales Support

I am here for you even after the purchase for as long as you need me. Whether thats via email or live chat!

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Have you been suspended?

eBay has the right to suspend your account due to its policy violations. This usually happens with dropshippers, people who sell digital items and newcomers.

When you violate any of the eBay rules and policies it immediately restricts or suspends your account. eBay doesn’t want to lose its reputation and trust built over the years, so it is not surprising when an account is blocked.

However, if your account has been suspended, you’ve come to the right place because I am a professional in creating eBay Stealth Accounts!

Start generating income again!

It is devastating when you get suspended from eBay, and your income is suddenly halted. I have been there and I know exactly how it feels, there is nothing worse. I am here to make sure you are generating income once again, and I can guarantee if you buy my service you will be back selling on eBay in no time!

I am an eBay dropshipper, and have been for the last 4 years and have been suspended too many times to count, but this doesn't even phase me anymore as I know another stealth account will solve the problem straight away.

This is why having multiple stealth accounts is recommended for dropshippers, as you know how easy it is to get suspended, so having multiple on the go is the best way to go about it.

Why is it safe ordering a stealth account with me?

eBay has specific algorithms that raise red flags with eBay, and I have studied this the last few years and I know eBays security system like the back of my hand. There is a reason we have only 5* reviews and so many of them :)

I know exactly what to do on a new account to not get suspended, and exactly how to stay under the radar with eBay. This is what most people are missing when they create a stealth account, they don't understand creating it is not the only important part, everything thereafter is extremely important.

I will also work with you to increase your selling limits as quick as possible!

We will not only sell you an account and then abandon you, but I will also guide you on how to start selling with your stealth account! You may keep your account secure and continue doing business with my personal assistance.


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